In Ushuaia, Argentina. As far south as you can go... unless you're heading to Antarctica. 



I love skiing, drinking whiskey and hanging with my greyhounds but what I really love to do is make things… both by hand and digitally.

That’s why I really love what I do.

Originally from Oregon, I realized how lucky I was to be from a household where art was never considered just a hobby but a possibility of a career.

So, I pursued a career in the world of theatre. For over a decade, I worked as an OBIE award-winning costume designer until a unique opportunity took me to Bangalore, India. By a random turn of events, I had a down and dirty introduction to the world of graphic design. And I liked it.

After India, I decided to leave NYC and the theatrics behind to pursue a new passion in the lovely state of Colorado where the fresh air fuels the creativity and the skiing is not bad either.